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In 2016, the Presidential Elections was the most exposed for all Presidential Elections. Voting Americans had to choose from our current President Donald J. Trump (R) or Hilary Clinton (D). We saw the old administration fondle, collude, and use their authority to stop Bernie Sanders, and tried to frame then candidate Donald Trump’s Campaign for alleged Russian collusion. Even some of the employees from the highest departments in the United States Government had their hands, minds, and voices. All caught in the cookie jar. And tried to influence the 2016 Presidential Elections.


The Top Officials from the DOJ, FBI, US Attorney, CIA, Special Council. And let’s not forget the Clintons, and the Masterminds of the Russian Hoax Fusion GPS. All the things that the Democrats, and their secret operatives; all had their Spartacus moment. Some of these bad actors, actually thought, they had more power than the President of the United States. And the entire election system.


Now, we are coming up to the 2020 Presidential Election to be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2019. Make sure you add this important date to your Calendar. – Marcus Giavanni

2020 Presidential Elections - United States 2020

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"The 2020 Presidential Election
Will not be like the 2016 Presidential Election;
On the Internet. What candidates say, will be Indexed
to what they can do, and all their conversations indexed
on the Who What When Where, and with Whom; Algorithms"."

In 2020, the Internet changes and we start the new decade with Credibility Relevance Wisdom. When we look back at the 2016 Presidential election and then Candidate Bernie Sanders.

In 2016, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders lost all Credibility Relevance, and the Wisdom to have known better. In that when Candidate Bernie Sanders (An Independent on the the Democratic Ticket. Against then Candidate Hillary Clinton)

When Bernie Sanders claimed to be the Citizens Candidate to fight all things Hillary clinton, and Donald Trump. Only to find that Bernie Sanders when Losing to Hillary Clinton; joined those, who Bernie Sanders tried to defeat, and warn Americans.

The 2020, President Election will start in 2020. And all Candidates will be indexed to the truth. No longer can candidates just spew, anything they want to bring down an opponent or a campaign, all built on False Talk, False Words, False Content, False Actions.

Welcome to the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Elections. Restoring Truth over False, Fake, Bias, Irrelevant Bullshit by those undermining our Election Process from Federal Elections, State Elections, City and County Elections.  A Nation can't Survive on Bullshit, False Claims, Accusations, and Divide.
- Marcus Giavanni (Non-Partisan Independent Voter)


American Citzens Will Decide 
Our Next President of The United States of America 2020